Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Creations

Well it been a few weeks since I last did one of these but then due to one thing and another I was not at my craft last week and unable to collect my latest "bead" purchase.
Finally last night myself and Fiona were able to meet up and "play around" with our new beads and stuff. The fruits of Fiona's labour is shown above in the picture of the "Lola Rose" style bracelets - hope you like them. At present we only have black and pink roses but have pewter, pale pink and pink beads.
Our other creation is a small red patterned teddy and heart key ring as shown above also, however, we are looking at adding another charm or similar to enhance this lovely little item further.
Well it is only a few weeks to the Craft fair at SECC, that is a day that I look forward to and even more this year as I am going to scour the bead stalls and see what we can pick up for our next projects. According to the fashion magazines, this year is the year for chunky charm bracelets so
will be looking in to making some of these over the coming months.
Valentines day is fast approaching and I have made a few cards - I may send one to Alan but the main user of these will be my son, I think he got 3 cards last year and a cuddly monkey which to this day usually goes to bed with him .. awww
Talking of bed it is time to get him ready so I will sign off and please let me know if you would like any further information/prices on any of the items you see on here.

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